Other Fuels

Kasden Fuel realizes that some of our CT neighbors don’t use heating oil for their home comfort services. But if you don’t use oil, we have other fuel options and services.

Kerosene is a versatile and economical fuel that can be used as a heating source or for a wide variety of other applications. It has a high energy content and is easily transportable, remains liquid over a large temperature range and is easily storable. Kasden Fuel’s kerosene services include delivery and expert system maintenance. Our dedicated delivery truck allows us to provide fuel to any size tank or location – from private homes and commercial properties to construction sites and farms or apartment buildings and on-site fleet operations.

Kasden Fuel provides all grades of gasoline from major suppliers and independents. We can accommodate any tank size and can make deliveries virtually 24/7.

On-Road Diesel – Also known as Ultra-Low-Sulfur diesel (ULSD)
We also provide this greener fuel option, which has a substantially lower sulfur content. As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in North America is of a ULSD type. This move to lower sulfur content fuel is expected to substantially lower emissions of particulate matter from diesel engines to help all of us.

Off-Road Diesel – Also known as Non-Road Diesel
Our off-road diesel options cover mobile non-road diesel engines of all sizes, which are used in a wide range of construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. Non-road engines are all internal combustion engines except motor vehicle (highway) engines, stationary engines (or engines that remain at one location for more than 12 months), engines used solely for competition, or engines used in aircraft.

Fleet Fueling
Find out how our fleet fueling team can provide your business with a competitive advantage by reducing your operational expenses, improving driver productivity and lowering your administrative costs.

We also offer the convenience and savings of On-Site Mobile Fueling which can help you:

Reduce Driver Expense – Our on-time scheduled routes, our delivery professionals ensure all vehicles are fueled and ready for your team when arriving for work.

Eliminate Theft and Fraud – Fleet Fueling ensures that the proper fuel type is delivered only to authorized vehicles by utilizing the latest, fuel management technology system.

Improve Efficiency and Generate Savings – By eliminating driver overtime fueling expenses at retail service stations, your fleet operations are focused on improving productivity and contributing economy to your bottom line!

For more information about these fuel options, please call 860.289.5431 today.