Save on Electricity

Are you ready to save on your electric bill? Kasden Fuel is ready to help you do it! Our customers can now save up to 10% on their electricity delivery charge through our partnership with Starion Energy.

Save up to 10% on your electricity bill now!
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When you sign-up, there will be no change in your service. If you need a service call, you call the electric company as normal. Have an issue with the bill? Just call the electric company as you usually would. The only difference you’ll see is that when your bill arrives from UI or CL&P it will be for fewer dollars! It’s just another way Kasden Fuel can save you money.

7 Smart Ways To Save More On Electricity Costs
Here’s a short list of ways to cut your electricity bill. The ideas are simple and easy to do but they can really help deliver significant savings for you. Try them all:

Refrigerators suck up 20% of your household electricity use. Turn them down! Aim for somewhere between 38 – 42 degrees in the fridge, and 0-5 degrees in the freezer. If you have an energy saver switch: make sure it’s flipped on. Doors should be sealed tight. To test, stick a dollar bill between the gaskets and close the fridge door; if the bill is hard to pull out you’re in good shape. If not, it’s time to replace the gaskets.
Wash only full loads in your dishwasher (yet another reason to learn to pack them efficiently!), and if you have time, let them air dry by turning off the drying cycle manually – this can save 20% of your dishwasher’s total electricity usage.
Don’t use hot water when doing the laundry. If you must, try warm water, though in most cases cold is probably just fine. Make sure that the amount of water you’re using corresponds with the size of your laundry load. And, if possible, hang your clothes on a line to dry.
Lower the temperature of your water thermostat to 120 – 130 degrees (any lower than that might backfire on you, since you might end up running out of hot water).
Clean your air filters regularly. Air conditioners have to work a lot harder to circulate air through filthy filters, which is an unnecessary electricity drain.
While you’re sitting in front of the computer, turn on the sleep mode, so it’s less of a power drain when you’re not using it

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